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Would you like to be a Senior Computer Learning Center Volunteer??
Read the following inspirational article submitted by Senior Computer Learning Center Volunteers

Pat & Dave Bean

Pat Bean Dave Bean
As Pat herself says, "One day David bought a new Windows equipped computer with color, Internet, Word, Excel, Power Point etc. When I asked him how I was to learn to use this new computer, he suggested I go to Massasoit and take classes."

Pat completed an Information Technology certificate and a Desk Top Publishing certificate at Massasoit. Then she became a volunteer at SeniorNet at Massasoit.. She taught Intro to Computers and Genealogy, served as the Administration Coordinator on the Board of Directors, and oversaw the printing of the course manuals. She continues to oversee these tasks for the new Senior Computer Learning Center.

Dave joined SeniorNet in Brockton about nine years ago when they were located in Massasoit Community College.  Subsequently, Senior Computer Learning Center was founded in Abington.  Dave serves on the Board of Directors of SCLC, and his specialty is keeping the Windows PCs running and up-to-date.  Dave coaches the Windows 10 classes as well.

Dave started his career programming computers in 1963, and worked on IBM, Digital, Data General, Honeywell, and PC’s over the years, ending his career as a database administrator in a mutual fund company in Boston. 

The Senior Computer Learning Center is very fortunate
to have knowledgeable and dedicated volunteers
like Dave and Pat.

Ellen Parent

Ellen Parent is our Front End Person for the Senior Computer Learning Center. The Front End Person or Communications Administrator is responsible for communication with potential students. The Communications Administrator calls the SCLC call-in-line several times a day, listens to the messages left and in turn calls the potential student back.

Ellen is knowledgeable of all the courses, and aware of classes that have been cancelled or filled. She evaluates the applicants computer knowledge, fields the caller's questions, finds the answers and communicates back to the potential student.

Group Volunteer
Instuctor/Coach Fall Meeting


Instructors need to be patient and good at communicating ideas. They need to know how to accomplish tasks on the computer, but since many Senior Computer Learning Center classes cover only basic computing skills, they don’t need to be experts.

Instructors need a basic understanding of how to use a computer.They need to become familiar with the software they will be teaching. They should be organized people who are good at explaining things.

They need to be comfortable speaking in front of a small group. A strong voice, patience, and, a good sense of humor will help a lot.

Instructors help determine the curriculum and then teach classes ranging from the most basic to the advanced. They will “start at the beginning” with novices or craft their own courses about a topic of special interest


Coaches assist an instructor during a class to help slower students keep up with the rest of the class.

Coaches will want to learn more and enjoy helping others.


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